Picture of Japanese MIKEI Red Reishi  Essence 60 Capsules

Japanese MIKEI Red Reishi Essence 60 Capsules

Pure Red Reishi Essence. Authentic Original! Endorsed by Japan Reishi Association. Made in Japan

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Japanese Mikei Red Reishi Essence is 100% Natural Herbal Supplemnet that may help support as the following:

  • Healthy blood circulation
  • Supports internal organ functions: Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, Liver,
  • Support the immune system
  • Increase Energy 
  • Decrease Stress levels
  • Support Sleeping patterns
  • Anti-Aging
  • Good for Blood Pressure , Cholesterol & Blood Sugar
  • All Natural, No preservative, No Pesticide, No side effects
  • No dairy, yeast, soy, wheat, or sugar
MIKEI Red Reishi is an end product produced by Japan's foremost Reishi growers, the Mayuzumi Family. The Mayuzumi family has a history of 25 years in cultivating mushrooms, together with their past experience and new state of the art technology, their name is well known in Japan for their strict and unique cultivation methods of Reishi.

Each box of Mikei Red Reishi Mushroom Capsules contain extremely concentrated Red Reishi mushroom essence extracted (17:1) from the caps of superior-grade fully mature Red Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma lucidum) using the most advanced hot water extraction method.
Note: Unlike Mikei Red Reishi, the majority of Reishi products in the market place are made with pulverised powder from Reishi which is not refined further to produce the extracted essence powder. Taking Reishi products that are not futher refined is crude and not beneficial since the body can not efficiently absorb the active ingredients.
What are the benefits of Reishi?
Red Reishi is primarily composed of complex carbohydrates called water-soluble polysaccharides, triterpeniods, proteins and amino acids. Researchers have identified that water-soluble polysaccharides are the most active element found in Red Reishi 
Another major active ingredient found in Red Reishi are triterpenes , called ganoderic acids. Preliminary studies indicated that ganoderic acids help alleviate common allergies by inhibiting histamine release, improve oxygen utilization and are good for liver. Triterpenes are bitter in taste and the level of the triterpene content contained in a product can be determined by the bitterness.
A Perfect Health Food Supplement
Regular consumption of MIKEI improves blood circulation and increases the metabolic activity of the human cells.  It also helps strengthen internal organ functions and increase the natural organ functions and increase the natural immunity of the body.  MIKEI assists in life longevity and overall beauty.
Is there any evidence?
A considerable number of studies in Japan , China , USA , and the UK in the past 30 years have shown that the consumption of red Reishi has been linked to the treatment of a vast range of diseases, common ailments, and conditions. From asthma to zoster, the applications of red Reishi seem to be related to a multitude of body organs and systems.
However, most of the scientific research that has been conducted appears to strongly support red Reishi's role as a normalizing substance - a nutritional supplement that can yield medical benefits through its normalization and regulation of the body's organs and functions.
The role of Red Reishi in maintaining a healthy lifestyle can best be explained through the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) point of view because none of the known active components taken alone is as more effective than the consumption of Reishi itself. Whereas Western medicine focuses on the “cure” after the disease has already occurred, TCM, established through over 2,000 years of human observation, focuses on disease prevention by sustaining the right balance within the body through proper nutrition, exercise, and meditation. Reishi is an important adaptogenic herb in TCM in helping the body maintain this balance and also restore the balance when one is sick. 

60 x 250mg Capsules / Box


For preventative purposes, please take 1 - 2 capsules daily.

For individuals with health concerns, please take 2 - 4 capsules daily.

100% Absorbable concentrated essence - in an easy-to-swallow veg-based NP capsule ( gelatin-free) 

 Detoxification Symptoms From Taking Red Reishi:

During the initial period of intake of Reishi, sensitive individuals may experience some mild detoxification symptoms such as skin irritation, gastrointestinal symptoms, and dryness of the nose and mouth.

These are all normal signs of recovery and an indication that the medicinal effect of Reishi is functioning well. This is the body’s way of excreting accumulated toxic matters from modern day foods and vigorous actions of the body metabolism.

 The above-mentioned reactions differ from each individual. Some consumers might not have any reactions at all.

  The time frame for these symptoms may vary from person to person, but they generally last only a few days – until the body adjusts to a higher state of wellness and becomes accustomed to the regular intake of Reishi. Daily consumption of a large amount of water is also recommended to help the body with the detoxification process.
It is important to note that these physiological reactions are only temporary, unlike side effects from most medications

Red Reishi Essence Powder (Ganoderma Jucidum) 200mg

Non-medicinal: dextrin, NPcaps®* (pullulan) capsule
*NPcaps® are an all-natural, two-piece non-animal capsule suitable for addressing a variety of cultural and dietary requirements, including those of vegetarians, diabetics and patients with restricted diets.
MIKEI Red Reishi Essence Analysis Report
Japan Food Research Laboratories.  Cert. No: 102092467-001  Authorized By The Japanese Government
Phosphorus 747mg/100g
Iron 99.7mg/100g
Calcium 259mg/100g
Sodium 96.6mg/100g
Potassium 1.63%
Magnesium 226mg/100g
Thiamin 0.44mg/100g
Riboflavin 5.25mg/100g
 Vitamin B6
 Choline  0.30%
 Inositol  156mg/100g
 Niacin  28.4mg/100g
 Polysaccharides  38.90%
Cultivating Red Reishi
The germination process for both wild and cultivated reishi is the same. Both require an ideal balance of environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide levels and sun light. The Reishi will not grow to maturity if these conditions are not perfectly balanced. The timing of harvest is also very important. Late harvesting may result in contamination of the mushroom consequently diminishing the Reishi's medicinal value.
Wild Grown Reishi

Frequently, wild grown Reishi lack the ideal growing conditions to produce a highly potent mushroom. Along with uncontrolled growing conditions, wild Reishi is exposed to environmental pollution making the Reishi more vulnerable to disease and insect infestations.
  MIKEI Cultivation Method

First, the cultivation of Red Reishi is accomplished by grafting the unique superior fungi, Mayzumi strain, onto wood logs of Japanese oak. The Red Reishi is then placed in greenhouses with strictly controlled environmental factors. With state of the art technology and continual supervision, the cultivated reishi crop can achieve the highest medicinal value when harvested. The MIKEI cultivation method is further explained below.

Natural Whole Wood Log Cultivation Process:

-The cultivation of red Reishi is first accomplished by grafting the superior quality Reishi fungi (Mayuzumi strain) onto wood logs of Japanese oak cut.
-The wood logs are then placed in greenhouses with rigourously controlled environmental factors.
-All wood logs are then covered with wood crumbs.
-Inside the greenhouse, an irrigation system must be used. Temperature and humidty should be constantly monitored. The room must also be well ventilated and blocked from direct sunlight.
-Red Reishi begins to flush and grows gradually, Some weeds may sprout and vermins may appear, but no agricultural chemicals are used.  After weeding the greenhouse, vermins will disappear.  
In the last stage of growth, spores break out from the down side of the pileus and into the atmosphere. The spores eventually settles and covers the ground with a reddish-brown color.  

The hot water extraction method involves taking the best Red Reishi from the harvest and then drying it under hot temperatures, removing all the moisture in the Reishi mushroom. The Reishi fruit body is then ground into powder which is boiled in water to extract the essence juice. The juice will be boiled at least three times and then vacuum dried to obtain the pure Red Reishi mushroom powder. The end product, Mikei Red Reishi, is easily absorbed by the human body when consumed in this state. 

 The best harvest time is right after the sporing period.  The entire process takes about a whole year from the start to harvest.

Independent Lab Tests

 All MIKEI Red Reishi products are independently tested by other labs for heavy metals, residual pesticides, toxicity, micro-organisms, and any other impurities that may affect the quality and safety of our products.

Lab tests are peformed by Japan Food Research Laboratories, one of Japan's leading testing laboratories in Japan for chemical analyses, hygienic control, and evaluation of products' quality.

 Quality Assurance

 MIKEI is committed to providing the best Red Reishi mushrooms available in the world.
The fertilizer-free and pollutant-free environment used by MIKEI's natural whole wood log cultivation method ensures that only the most potent and highest quality Reishi mushrooms are used in MIKEI products.

 To ensure that MIKEI Reishi products are of the highest standards, MIKEI is a JHFA approved product as well as a member of the Japan Reishi Association. Independent lab tests have also confirmed that MIKEI Reishi Essence as the most potent Reishi product available in the market place today.

JHFA (Japan Health Food and Nutrition Food Association) Approved 
JRA (Japan Reishi Association) Endorsed
JHFA Mark (Japan Health Food Authorization Mark) 
Manufacturer (Japan)
Nikkei Co.
1155-2 Tabei-Cho 1-Chome
Isesaki City, Gunma-Ken, Japan

Storage Instructions: 

 Please seal the foil bag tightly after each usage and store in a cool dry place. 

 Mikei Red Reishi Mushroom Capsules contain a very fine essence powder extracted from the red Reishi that absorbs moisture very easily. It is highly recommended that the capsules be kept in a blister packaging inside the foil bag and tightly sealed after each use.  When moisture has been absorbed, the powder may appear hard and dark. This condition does not compromise the Reishi and is 100% safe to consume. 


Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Some people may experience mild gastrointestinal symptoms and/or dry nose and mouth. Consult a health care practitioner if these symptoms persist.


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