Picture of Dr. Hagiwara's Green Magma Organic Barley Grass 10.6oz

Dr. Hagiwara's Green Magma Organic Barley Grass 10.6oz

Green Magma Powder made from Young Organic Barley Grass Juice. A Perfectly Balanced Nutritional Green Food.

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Dr. Hagiwara's Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder 

The Original Dr. Hagiwara Formula From Japan 

Perfectly Balanced Green Nutrition 

Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder is excellent natural food dietary supplement that may bring essential benefits as the following:

  • Increase energy production
  • Improve digestion and healthy intestinal flora
  • Promote healthy body pH balance
  • Better looking hair, skin, & nails
  • Provide essential nutrients for cellular functioning.
  • Gentle detoxification
  • Alkalizing the internal body
  • Support healthy aging and cardiovascular function
  • Enhance mental activity
  • Fight free-radicals
  • Provide essential nutrients easily assimilated by our bodies
  • Support the immune system
  • Contain anti-inflammatory compounds
  • Provide crucial nutritional support while dieting and cleansing
  • Antioxidants, Amino Acids, Chlorophyll, Enzymes, Vitamins, Minerals
  • Vegan, Non GMO, Gluten Free, No added Sugar, Soy Free
  • Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI)

 Dr. Hagiwara's organic GREEN MAGMA is a highly nutritious, mildly alkaline powder made from young barley grass juice. As nature's perfectly balanced green food, it contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, chlorophyll, carotenoids, flavonoids, and other valuable phytochemicals which are beneficial for the digestive system, enhance metabolism and immunity, help fight free-radicals, and provide essential nutrients for cellular functioning. The original Green Magma is backed by over 40 years of scientific research and consumer satisfaction. 

Researched and developed by Yoshihide Hagiwara, M.D. In 1969, Green Magma the leader in making barley grass juice powder and other natural ingredients which are produced by its very own award-winning juicing extraction and spray-drying process.  

 Green Magma® is a juice extract, not a fiber product. Our bodies can more easily and completely absorb the nutrients from a juice supplement than one containing fiber,

 which locks in many of the important nutrients.

Health Benefits  

Healthy Digestion 

 Natural Alkaline: It is a naturally alkaline, energizing drink powder made from the juice of young barley grass leave 

 Broad Based Nutrition: Green Magma provides essential nutrients for cellular function, growth and development, enhances metabolism and digestion, controls inflammation, protects against free-radicals and toxins, and enhances the immune system.   


  Naturally Energizing: Through the process of photosynthesis, chlorophyll transforms sunlight into natural chemical energy, a biochemical process that is the basis of life because it produces our oxygen and food. 

 Gentle Cleansing: Chlorophyll also helps to gently cleanse the body and promotes good digestion.  


Natural Energy Booster: Two important carotenoid antioxidants, alpha- and beta-carotene help prevent free-radicals oxidation of the body's cells and regenerate other antioxidants including vitamin E. 

Healthy Skin and Vision: Beta-carotene is a safe and natural source of vitamin A, a vitamin critical to maintaining healthy skin and vision.    

Active Enzymes 

The low temperature process used in the manufacturing process does not destroy the many active enzymes in the barley. Rather than use extreme heat to dry the barley, like some of our competitors do, Green Magma's used a low temperature process designed by Dr. Hagiwara himself.  

The Difference: Green Magma vs. Other green foods 

Bio-availability – Juice vs. Fiber 

Our barley is a juice powder, produced using Dr. Hagiwara's patented and award-winning spray-dried technique. This technique was designed to use low temperature in order to keep the nutrients with the powder active and bio-available. This is very different than what some of our competitors do – they use high heat, and leave the fiber in the product, which can lock in some the important nutrients. 

We Grow Our Own Organic Barley 

Unlike some of our competitors that purchase their barley from raw material suppliers, we grow our own organically certified barley on the Southern Island of Kyushu, Japan. In addition, we can explain every processing step and every quality control test involved. 

About Green Magma
Green Magma barley grass powders products are derived from the essence of green barley, certified organic, and are made with the original formula that loyal customers have come to expect for over 40 years. This is the original formula which was developed by the world renowned Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, M.D.  

Growing accordance to Organic Foods Act 

Green Magma grown in pesticides and chemical-free fertile plain land and is proceeds with the California Organic Foods Act of 1990, one of the world highest standards. 

 Harvesting For Freshness 

  Green Magma is harvested when the young Barley Grass is at its nutritional peak. Within 4 hours of harvesting the young Barley leaves are cleaned, juiced, concentrated, spray-dried and packaged.  

  Manufacturing to preserve maximum nutrition value

Barley Grass is very prone to oxidation and heat which will destroy all it nutrition values. To preserve and protect the fragile nutrients and enzymes from oxidation, a sophisticated processing technique is used where first the barley grass is turns into juice under a constant low temperature and the juice is immediately spray-dried in just 3 seconds to a fine powder, stabilizing the nutrients at their maximum strength. This gentle extraction technique separates the liquid part of the plant from the insoluble fiber (plant fiber that cannot be digested by human). This process unlocks the nutrients from indigestible fiber of ground leaves to produce a product that is fully soluble and instantly absorbed by our body. The Barley juice powder is then immediately hermetically sealed into vacuum packed oxygen and light protective barrier bags and placed in cold storage with all the bio-activity intact. On average 30 kilograms of the barley grass juice is concentrated down to one kilo gram of the synergised® organic barley grass juice powder.

 Why Green Magma? 

Green Magma® is a superior source of protein as it provides proportionate amino acids considered ideal for humans. It is also a rich source of essential nutrients, enzymes and Chlorophyll. It contains water soluble vitamins and vitamin E as well as copious amounts of vitamin K, beta-carotene and lutein. Researchers at the University of California at Davis, and George Washington University have found that barley grass juice contains the potent antioxidants beta-carotene, vitamin C, super-oxide dismutase, lutonarin, saponarin (GIV) and vitamin E succinate. Each of these important phytochemicals has been shown to help prevent oxidation caused by free-radicals. 

 Green Magma® Barley grass juice contains abundant chlorophyll. Chlorophyll-rich greens have long been used in restoration of health and blood builders. This is not surprising, as the chemical structure of chlorophyll and hemoglobin are almost identical, with one exception: chlorophyll has magnesium at the center of its molecule, and hemoglobin has iron. Chlorophyll ability to support the production of red blood cells is most likely due to this similarity. Scientists have also found chlorophyll to be a powerful, yet gentle, detoxifier. Green Magma® Barley grass juice powders has one of the highest, natural, rich chlorophyll contents of all green vegetables. In fact, Barley Grass has 66 times more chlorophyll than spinach. The rich chlorophyll of Green Magma answered the frequent asked questions of “Why Green Magma is so green?” 

While both barley grass and wheat grass are nutritious, Dr. Hagiwara has demonstrated that barley grass contains all the essential nutrients required by our bodies. Research has found that barley grass is a more potent source than wheat grass of the “grass juice factor” necessary for growth and development in mammals. GM gives you a superb natural nutrition in a glass. It provides you with an abundance of active enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll and other important phytonutrients in a natural medium. Good nutrition means delivering the necessary nutrients to your cells, neutralizing body waste and protection from free radicals. Unlike common mixtures of vegetable juice, Green Magma® barley grass powder juice does not over-stimulate and therefore it is suitable for everyone including those that have the most limited digestive capability and also the oversensitive.

  Ideal for: 

  • Alkalizer – Restores body acid-alkaline balance. High body acidity can cause weight gain, allergy, bad breath, chronic fatigue, premature aging, immune deficiency and acceleration of free radical attacks

  • Bowel regularity – promotes good digestion and healthy intestinal flora. Chlorophyll promotes aerobic, oxygen-loving bacteria that helps maintain healthy digestive system

  • Complete nutrient for sustained energy no matter what your age. Provides many beneficial plant nutrients including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein, carotenoids.

Manufacturing By  

Green Foods Corporation 

Oxnard, CA 93030  

Young Barley Grass Organically grow in Southern Island of Kyushu, Japan 

Certified Organic by QAI - Our barley is grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  


11 oz (312g) per Jar 


Powdered juice from organic young barley grass, organic maltodextrin (a complex carbohydrate), organic brown rice. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI).

Does Not Contain:
Added sugar, salt, colorings or fillers, animal products, gluten, soy, wheat, yeast and non GMO. 

Dissolve 2 teaspoons into an 8 oz. glass of water or your favorite juice. Recommended twice daily on an empty stomach. 

Caution: Do not take with hot liquids since heat will neutralize active enzymes. 

Store with lid tightly closed in a cool, dry place


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